Crane Inspections (LOLER)

LOLER Inspections for Overhead Travelling Cranes in Yorkshire and Lancashire

We will carry out your LOLER Crane Inspection in a professional but straighforward manner with minimum disruption to your business. We will work with you in a way that suits you to ensure your are compliant with LOLER reguations. Situated close to Leeds we cover Yorkshire, Lancashire and the North of England.

Overhead Cranes are used extensively in industry. When regular maintenance gets overlooked a LOLER inspection is essential to ensure the crane is in good order and fit for purpose. Overhead cranes are subject to an annual thorough examination.

Crane Inspection LOLER
Overhead Travelling Crane LOLER
Our thorough examination looks at the integrity of the whole crane and will include the following:-

  • ¬†Isolation switch
  • Isolator stop
  • Pendent or remote control unit
  • Hoist rope
  • Hook and safety catch
  • Hoist upper safety limit switch
  • Hoist lower limit safety switch
  • Hoist brake
  • Travel Brakes
  • Long travel
  • Cross travel
  • Anti-collision devices lights and klaxons

Careful inspection of the hoist rope is essential as they can deteriorate over time.

For more information or advice on LOLER crane inspections please contact us.