Garage Inspections (LOLER)

LOLER Inspections for Garage Lifting Equipment in Yorkshire and Lancashire

Using a professional but common sense approach we will carry out your LOLER  Inspection for Garage Equipment with minimum disruption to your business. We will work with you in a way that suits you to ensure your are compliant with LOLER reguations. Situated close to Leeds we cover Yorkshire, Lancashire and the North of England.

Garages can have a wide variety of lifting equipment in use for example trolley jacks, pit jacks, engine hoists and vehicle lifts. There are several common types of vehicle lifts in use. They are typically four post, two post, scissor and mobile column wheel engaging lifts. LOLER requires that they are thoroughly examined by a competent person at regular intervals.

Vehicle Lift Inspection LOLER
Garage Equipment LOLER Inspection

Our thorough examination pays particular attention to safety critical mechanical and electrical components. Measurement of wearing parts on vehicle lifts is required to assess if replacement is needed. Typically these are hoist ropes, chains, load nuts, arm locks and pick up pads. These parts usually require periodic replacement. Vehicle lifts are inspected six monthly. Most other equipment (jacks etc) are inspected annually.

For more information or advice on LOLER garage inspections please contact us.