Construction Inspections (LOLER / PUWER)

LOLER / PUWER Inspections for Construction Equipment in Yorkshire and Lancashire

Using a professional but common sense approach we will carry out your LOLER / PUWER  Inspection for Construction Equipment with minimum disruption to your business. We will work with you in a way that suits you to ensure your are compliant with LOLER / PUWER reguations. Situated close to Leeds we cover Yorkshire, Lancashire and the North of England.

Excavator Inspection LOLER / PUWER


Excavators work in a wide variety of industries and applications, construction, quarries, demolition and material re handling. They can come under either or PUWER or LOLER depending if they used for lifting duties or excavation only (i.e. no lifting) and are usually inspected annually.

Excavators are not designed for lifting although they are frequently used on lifting applications. Normally a rated capacity indicator is not fitted. This means there is no means of warning the operator if the machine is approaching or exceeding its load limit. Rated capacity indicators can be fitted to excavators for example (Prolec). According to European standard EN474-5, you need a Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) if you want to lift over 1 tonne loads with your excavator.


Telescopic fork trucks or ‘Telehandlers’ come under the LOLER regulations and are inspected annually. Telehandler manufactures have designed sophisticated overload and stability protection features to prevent accidents. Used safely telehandlers are a very versatile machine. However there has been a number of overturn accidents. Operating a telescopic handler with an extended/raised boom, regardless of whether loaded or not, is to be regarded as a risk situation, particularly when a machine is used on uneven or unstable ground.

The thorough examination will include a test of the telehandlers rated capacity indicator to ensure it is working correctly.

Telehandler Inspection LOLER
Powered Access Inspection LOLER

Powered Access

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs), also known as Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts and Cherry Picker, come under (LOLER) and are inspected six monthly. They are acknowledged by many to be the safest and most efficient means of providing temporary access to height for many work activities. MEWPS come in a wide variety of designs. They are typically either straight boom or knuckle boom or a combination of both and scissor lifts. They can be diesel powered or electric or bi fuel.

Other mobile equipment such as wheelloaders, tractor dozers and tractors generally do not lift loads. They come under the PUWER regulations and still require an annual thorough examination.

For more information or advice on LOLER / PUWER inspections for construction equipment please contact us.