Tail Lift Inspections (LOLER)

LOLER Inspections for Tail Lifts in Yorkshire and Lancashire

Using a professional but common sense approach we will carry out your LOLER  Inspection for Tail Lifts with minimum disruption to your business. We will work with you in a way that suits you to ensure your are compliant with LOLER reguations. Situated close to Leeds we cover Yorkshire, Lancashire and the North of England.

Tail Lift LOLER Inspection

Tail lifts come under the LOLER regulations because they are lifting people. There are several types of tail lifts in use on commercial vehicles. Typically they are Column lift, Cantilever, underslung, and welfare/mobility. They are subject to six monthly inspections.

Tail lifts use a combination of hydraulics chains and electrics to operate. Typically chassis mounted at the rear of a commercial vehicle they are exposed to corrosion especially in winter. Many tail-lifts will suffer hard use between examinations and can be subject to lifting close to maximum load capacity several times a day. Proper service and regular maintenance is an important requirement.

For more information or advice on LOLER inspections for tail lifts please contact us.